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The Isle

The Isle's Austroraptor measures around 2 meters (6 ft) tall. It is one of the few feathered animals in The Isle. It has a long snout to catch fish, but no fish is currently present in The Isle. It is one of the weakest dinosaurs ingame and can be easily killed. The trade-off is swiftness and agility, aswell as the potential to enter the water and evade terrestrial predators and thrive from fish as an alternative food source. This animal is best at scavenging and/or eating AI (and eventually fish).

In the Mod

The Austroraptor ingame is around 2 blocks tall and currently has no AI. In the future, the mob will hunt food once or twice a day to simulate hunger. Once it doesn't eat, it will starve. It travels in packs and will attack anything that it can take down. It will avoid larger and stronger creatures in larger packs and smaller packs. They breed normally and lay eggs. They will not always attack when normal, only when hit or hungry. Austroraptor has a diverse diet in carnivore and is not picky.

Prey: Dryosaurus, Young Gallimimus, Orodromeus, P


To spawn use the command: /summon revolutions:austroraptor

Notice: Austroraptor has no AI at all, this will change in later updates.

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