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Bastion14: Lead Developer and Owner, Modeler, Animator, Texturer

LordofLustria: Lead Developer, Animator, and Texturer

Ikeleon02: Lead Developer, Coder

Danigirl23: Marketer Advertiser

Bug-Winge: Developer, Sound Designer

JDAwesomeness: Developer, Texturer

JurassicGamer8768: Developer, Modeler

Kingdomall: Developer, Texturer

Indyfan: Developer, Music Composer

Akrivus: Retired Develouper

creatar creator: Commuinity Manger

Want to Help?

If you have any talent in Modeler, Coding, Animating, Texturing, or sound designing, you can apply on Discord or the Application Form.

Discord Link:

Application for Developer:

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