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In "The Isle", bushes are one of the main sources of food for Herbivores. In this mod, bushes naturally spawn in the world as decrotive blocks and food sources. They first evolved around the Early Triassic and became popular with Herbivores throughout the Mesozoic.. These bushes also have teir sizes. Small, Medium, and large. Each plant has specific amount of food for herbivores before regrowing again. These plants also spread (planned concept). They still flourish to today.

Ferns and Blue Plants[]

Ferns and Blue Plants are also flora in develoupment. These will also be food sources and share a similar backstory to bushes, evolving early in Planet Minecraft's history. Ferns are wide and short plants that serve as food sources for Herbivores. Blue Plants are similar to bushes but appear in multiple colors. The most common type is Blue.

Berries wil also be added.