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Gorgosaurus may be in Saurian. In Saurian's Kickstarter, once they reach 300k, they will relese an update for 2 playable dinosaurs from the Two Medicine formation. Gorgosaurus and Styracosaurus will then appear and be playable. It is unknown what the concept or design will be, but probably sharing similar features to the rex, being featherless, having lips, and no exposed teeth. We are not sure if feathers will be added.

In The Mod[]

In the Saurian Segment of this mod, Gorgosaurus will have some planned concepts. Currently, no texture or finalized model has been decided sadly. Planned concepts will make Gorgosaurus pack hunt up to 6 members. Once 6 members have been hit, breeding will halt. Some Gorgosaurus may get lost or roam far from the pack, which will result them leaving. Gorgosaurus will find a mate if they don't have a pack member. Planned concepts for textures will possibly be the "Walking With Dinosaurs" Movie's color depiction, males being vivid blue and females being more tan and blue.