The Isle of Hell Creek Wiki

The Isle[]

Spinosaurus in The Isle is one of the strongest Carnivores. It is slightly larger than the Tyrannosaurus and represents the 2012-2014 depiction of Spinosaurus, which included longer legs and a wider spine than currently. Currently, Spinosaurus is Bipedal with the spine that swoops down. The Spinosaurus has a bleed effect, similar to Giganotosaurus. Tyrannosaurus has a Bone Crushing effect.

In The Mod[]

Spinosaurus ingame doesn't exist yet, but will be in a soon update. The current concepts include it to be a carnivore. It will hunt down animals but preferrably stay near or in water. When in water, Spinosaurus will hunt squids, dolphins, fish, and turtles. Water AI is to be planned for update 1.13 and above

Spinosaurus will likely not hunt any carnivore close to it's size and will ignore unless they start attacking.