The Isle of Hell Creek Wiki

The Isle[]

Tyrannosaurus Rex in The Isle is fairly strong apex predator and has a bone crushing bite, which can cause limping. This dinosaur can hunt up to most large herbivores. It is feared and one of the most popular picks.

In The Mod[]

Planned Tyrannosaurus concepts include it to hunt many of Vanilla and Isle fauna. Sauropods will not be on the menu, but most other Herbivores and smaller carnivores are prey. It will not want to attack Utahraptors, Spinosaurus, Albertosaurus, or Giganotosaurus. Utahraptors will be more often attacked but only when it is hungry and when the Utah is alone.

This animal's breeding rate will be fairly slow, often 2 or 3 eggs at once. Once all of it's juveniles dies, it will rebreed. Once the juveniles become Sub-Adults, it will wait and breed again. T-Rexes will roam in families and often include up to 5 maximum. Once the 5 members have been hit, it will no longer breed until it's marked family members will die and it will breed. Once the T-Rexes are ready to mate, they will likley split from their family pack and find a mate. When 2 rexes are in close promixity of eachother, they will likely merge if no other rexes are found.