This is where updates that are out and coming are at.

all updates past the Hell Creek-Two Medicine Update are unkown at the time.

The Isle: Edit

Pre-Alpha Test


  • Changelog
  1. First Release
  2. Added Austoraptor (summon with revolutions:austroraptor)
  3. Currently the Austroraptor has no AI

Future Updates
Flora and Fossils update:

  1. Various Plants(most likely the bushes ferns and blue plants)
  2. Fossil blocks
  3. Fossil Items

Unknown update
Simple weapons(such as spears and knives) will be added in a future update

Saurian: Edit

Future Updates

Hell Creek Update

Possible Additions:

  1. Tyrannosaurus
  2. Dakotaraptor
  3. Triceratops
  4. Pachycephalosaurus

Hell Creek-Two Medicine Update

Possible Additions:

  1. Gorgosaurus
  2. Styracosaurus 
  3. Anzu 
  4. Ankylosaurus 
  5. Daspeltosaurus 
  6. Troodon 
  7. Edmontia 
  8. Paleoswania 

Unconfirmed Content Edit

The Isle

Other Strains


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